Our Principles

When you are looking to work with a marketing agency it’s so important to make sure you are all on the same page.

Here’s a short summary of the main principles we embrace, so you can get a feel for how we do things here at Juice Digital.

These principles are not only ones that we choose to guide our business, but we also design our client’s strategies around them. We recommend they use and adopt them to help them achieve their goals.

Education Based Marketing

The concept of delivering valuable educational content from your area of speciality to your target market, free of charge, for the purpose of building trust and establishing credibility.

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The Strategy of Pre-Eminence

A philosophical framework for operating a pre-eminent business, conceived by American marketing guru, Jay Abraham. It revolves around the concept of being passionate about your clients and being focused on the impact you are making in their lives.

Foundational Values of the Strategy of Pre-Eminence

  • Refer to Everyone as Your Client, NOT Customer
  • Consider Yourself a Leader; The Client Begs to Be Lead
  • Take a Position; Have a Point of View / Perspective
  • Future Pacing; Take Your Client Into the Future
  • Have a Higher Purpose
  • Fall in Love with Your Client
  • Have Massive Empathy for the Client
  • Create Clarity, Focus and Certainty for Your Client
  • Not a Commodity; Value Based
  • It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Money Exchanges Hands, Start Giving Value Immediately

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The Gary Vee Content Model & Social Engagement Principles

Renowned as a successful American entrepreneur, business thought leader and early adopter of ecommerce, email marketing and social media. Gary’s theories on the creation and distribution of content and social engagement offer effective, practical methods for building your audience.

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