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In 2019, Instagram has over 1 BILLION Monthly active users worldwide, and over 9 MILLION users in Australia.  [statistics:,]

For the under 35 demographic, Instagram is a part of the fabric of our connected society.


It has been the hottest social platform around for some time now and shows no sign of slowing up in 2019… But you knew that already didn’t you?

From a marketing perspective, Instagram is way too big to ignore.

There is currently no other social platform that engages and captivates users like Instagram does, with engagement levels more than ten times what you would see on Facebook.  Source: Hubspot.

If your market includes the under 35s, then Your Potential Customers are on Instagram, and your ability to target them directly, at such a comparatively low media cost is unparalleled.

Those in the know, know that Facebook Ads are a great deal… but it is sold out, meaning costs are rising. Instagram on the other hand, is still yet to reach its full capacity, meaning there are opportunities to reach your prospects at a comparatively low cost.

Specifically, by running ads on Instagram Stories, with it’s 500 million daily users, advertisers can achieve CPMs (cost to reach 1000 people) of around $5-6.


Heres an example of some of our client results.

[Usage Statistic:]

It is quite simply an opportunity for underpriced attention that is too good to go past.


You don’t pay a cent until WE GET YOU RESULTS.

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We Provide Instagram Advertising Strategy, Design and Management Services For Australian Small to Medium Businesses That Are SERIOUS ABOUT GROWTH Through Their Digital Channels

If you need to be convinced of the benefits of Instagram ads for your business then you might as well stop reading now…Sorry, We Can’t Help You.

However, If you believe in the worth of social media advertising, and you need an ‘A’ grade strategy, then You are in the right place…Let’s talk about how we can take your business to the next level!

Here is how your business will benefit by having Juice Digital manage your Instagram advertising:

  • Get the security of knowing that no lock-in contracts means that we work to prove ourselves, every month
  • Have the flexibility of not being locked in to a long term contract, in case circumstances change
  • Get peace of mind in knowing that our Guarantee means that you don't pay until you are getting results
  • Feel confident knowing there are no hidden advertising setup fees
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your passwords are protected by industry leading password protection software
  • Have confidence that your advertising managers years of marketing experience will guide your campaigns
  • Get clarity and full transparency in your advertising results, objectives and targets
  • Fully understand exactly who your target customer - locations, interests, questions, pain points & more
    Detailed Profiling of your Archetype(s)
  • Gain useful insights into your competitors positioning and advertising
  • Gain insights into your target customer's social media interests
  • Get advertising creative and copywriting of the highest quality
  • No restrictions on how many ads we run to reach your targets
  • No additional charges for extra ads
  • Learn what messaging and creative resonates best with your target audience
  • Stay on the cutting edge of Instagram advertising features
  • Have no restrictions on what advertising campaign objectives we use to get you results
  • Be assured your ad account is in safe hands as we work within the Facebook / Instagram rules
  • Group visitors to your website and Instagram profile, then get better results by advertising to them with a tailored message
  • Be confident that you will reach your target audience by covering all possible Instagram ad placements
  • Maximise the size of your target audience
  • Get access to the perfect images to fit your brand
  • Ensure your best performing ads are seen the most, giving improved overall results
  • Understand your website visitors and how to maximise your returns from them
  • Have clear and open discussions with the solitary objective of improving your results

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