Google Ads – Advertising Design & Management

As of February 2021, 94.08% of ALL Internet searches in Australia are done through Google.  [statistic:]

If your prospective customers demonstrate their PURCHASE INTENT by searching for your product or service online, then Google Ads are a huge opportunity for you.  They are simply THE BEST WAY to capture your prospects attention while they are in ‘buying mode’, actively searching for the solution that you provide.

We Provide Google Ad Management Services for Australian Small to Medium Businesses That Are SERIOUS ABOUT GROWTH Through Their Digital Strategy


You don’t pay a cent until WE GET YOU RESULTS.

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All Our Google Ad Management Services Include:

  •    No Contracts or Minimum Terms
  •    No Campaign or Advertising Setup Fees
  •    Secure Password Management by LastPass
  •    Personal Advertising Manager
  •    Clear definition of your Advertising Objectives
  •    Clear definition of your Advertising KPI targets
  •    Profiling and creation of your ideal target customer archetype(s)
    Detailed Profiling of your Archetype(s)
  •    Definition of your Lifetime Customer Value
  •    Creation of Google Conversion Goals as required
  •    Competitor Analysis as required
  •    Comprehensive Keyword Analysis
  •    Creation of your ads by an Experienced Advertising copywriter
  •    Creation of unlimited Ad sets and variations
  •    Creation of unlimited Text Ad creative and variations
  •    Implementation of best-practice split testing procedures
  •    Implementation of all Google advertising features as appropriate
  •    Implementation of Google Phone Call Tracking
  •    Full Compliance with all Google Advertising policies
  •    Monthly review, analysis and optimisation of your ad creative
  •    Monthly Review and Optimisation of your Demographics
  •    Monthly Review and Optimisation of your Audience Targeting
  •    Monthly Review and Optimisation of your Location Targeting
  •    Monthly Review and Optimisation of your Device Targeting
  •    Weekly review and optimisation of your Keywords
  •    Weekly review and optimisation of your Bidding strategies
  •    Monthly analysis of Google Ads Website traffic via Google Analytics
  •    Monthly Reporting Using Google Data Studio
  •    Monthly Strategy Call

Plus, We Can Include The Following Options:

  •    Search Network - Call Only Text Ad Campaigns (Mobile Only)
  •    Search Network - Expanded Text Ad Campaigns
  •    YouTube Video Ad Campaigns
  •    Display Network Ad Campaigns
    Detailed Profiling of your Archetype(s)
  •    Retargetting via website visitor and/or search query
  •    Google Merchant Ad Campaigns
  •    Installation of Google Tag Manager, Ads & Analytics Website Code
  •    One Page Hosted Website for Call Only Ad Verification
  •    Website Landing Page Analysis & Developer Action List
  •    Creation and Monthly Revision of Mobile Friendly Landing Pages
  •    Google Merchant Product Feed Setup & Monthly Revision
  •    Google Merchant Product Feed Sync to Ecommerce Platform
  •    Graphic Design as required for Display Network Ads
  •    Videography & Video Production as required for YouTube Ads
  •    Business Photography Session
  •    Written Content Creation

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