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Your Free Google Ads Strategy Session includes a Health Check on your current ads, including analysis and recommendations of all the areas critical to the success of your advertising.

You get the benefit of industry leading Google Ads software to assist in the diagnosis and grading of your Google Ads account.  This software is able to identify many key areas for improvement by comparing your account to thousands of other accounts in similar industries.

Digital Marketing Sydney Australia - Juice DigitalThe result is the equivalent of 40 hours of Google Ads analysis which produces an actionable list of items for improvement that will help you to reduce your wasted spend on non-converting areas of your account, and improve key metrics such as your click through rates and in turn, improve conversions, leads and sales.  After all, thats the main reason you are here, right?

After you apply for your Google Ads Health Check we will soon call you to get the details of your account for the analysis and you can let us know any specific concerns you may have.

Once we have graded your account, we will email you our report and follow up with a phone strategy session for us to go through the grade with you and deliver to you specific recommendations for improvement.

Over 90% of Google Ads accounts checked have at least ONE AREA that can be improved.

The Key Areas Of Your Google Ads Account That We Include In Your Health Check:

Every one of these factors contributes to a healthy Google Ads account. Having each area performing optimally will give your account the best chance of maximum success and play its part in contributing to your bottom line.  It means you will pay less per click, your budget goes further, you spend less on keywords that don’t convert and most importantly, you improve your total number of conversions, and lower their cost.

Wasted Spend

Stop wasting budget on areas of your account that don’t generate clicks and conversions.

Text Ads

Get a good number of text ads in each ad group to ensure you test copy and click through rates.

Quality Score

Get lower costs per click and costs per conversions by giving Google what it wants – Quality Ads.

Click-Through Rate

Get your click through rate to where it needs to be – More clicks = More sales.

Account Activity

Its a proven fact that accounts that get neglected waste ALOT of money – Get your activity levels up.

Long Tail Keywords

Give your account every chance of getting clicks by optimising for long tail (3+ word) searches.

Impression Share

Ensure you don’t lose out due to low budget or low ad rank, a direct product of quality score and bids.

Mobile Advertising

Get your mobile on! – Make sure your ads are optimised for mobile users

Google Ads Best Practices

Ensure you are ticking every box to get your account performing to its absolute maximum.

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