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Learn about what it takes to have a successful digital marketing strategy in 2019.  This includes positioning your business to your target market, perfecting your offers and messaging and your ‘digital tools for success’, such as your website, content creation, social media, digital advertising, email and influencer marketing.

Our main objective is for you to learn about what is possible by using digital marketing strategies to increase the quantity and quality of business that is generated through your online presence.

The Busy Entrepreneurs 6 Step Blueprint to Facebook Ad SuccessOnce you apply for your Free Strategy Session, we will be in touch to introduce ourselves and get some more information about you and your business.  We then book a time for the session, which is usually a 30-60 minute phone call, or if you are in Sydney we can arrange to meet in person.

In preparation for the session, we then go ahead and perform reviews and analysis on your website, social media and advertising, based on the information you give us.

Here’s What We Cover in Your Free Strategy Session:



Part 1: How to Position Your Business in the Digital Marketplace

  • Your Minimum Viable Market
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Competition
  • Your Irresistible Messaging, Offers & Guarantees
  • Your Customers Journey & Social Proof

Part 2: Your Digital Tools For Success

  • Your Website
  • Content Creation
  • Website SEO
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Google My Business
  • Email List / Electronic Direct Mail & Sequences

Part 3: Using Digital Advertising to Build Your Business

  • Why Digital Advertising is the Fastest & Most Measurable way to grow
  • Understanding your Customer – Intent vs Interruption based advertising
  • What is the best Advertising Channel for My Business?
  • Google Ads
    • What Are Google Ads?
    • How Google Ads Work
    • Types of Google Ads
    • Demographics
    • Audiences
  • Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ads
    • The Leading Advertising Platform
    • Types of Facebook Ads
    • Building Audiences, Retargeting & Converting
  • LinkedIn
    • The Premier Platform for Business to Business

Part 4: Measuring Your Returns

  • Lifetime Customer Value
  • Return On Investment


  • Your Personalised Success Plan

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There’s no Commitment, Just Free, Personalised, Actionable Strategies to Build Your Business!

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