Facebook & Instagram Advertising

As of August 2018, Facebook has over 2.23 BILLION active user accounts, and over 17 MILLION targetable user accounts in Australia.

Add to that a lazy BILLION Instagram users, and you get a social network that is simply too big and full of opportunities to ignore.

Your Potential Customers ARE ON FACEBOOK.



You don’t pay until we GET YOU RESULTS.

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Facebook AdvertisingWe will BUILD YOUR BUSINESS for you by creating HIGHLY TARGETED, ENGAGING and RELEVANT Facebook Advertising campaigns that EXPOSE NEW PROSPECTS to your brand, BUILD YOUR AUTHORITY, CONVERT YOUR PROSPECTS into customers and DOMINATE YOUR MARKET.


We don’t care about your page followers or post likes, and neither should you – They’re simply vanity metrics and mean even less in 2018.  Recent Facebook updates have significantly reduced the impact of organic social media activity from business pages and this will continue to decline in the future.  Any agency who even mentions these factors is simply wasting your time.

In 2018, the only scalable, predictable way for a business to succeed on Facebook is through Advertising.


Our Facebook Advertising Services are suitable for all Australian businesses, including:

E-Commerce Stores,   Service Businesses,   Local Businesses,   Retail Stores,   Restaurants & Cafes,   Health Practitioners,   Education & Training Providers,   Software & Digital Products,   Wholesalers,   Major Brands,    Fast Moving Consumer Goods & More.



Facebook Advertising includes Instagram & MessengerThey’re all part of the same advertising platform. Unlike some agencies that will charge you extra for Instagram and Facebook Messenger ads, all advertising management services listed below will INCLUDE advertising placement in Instagram and/or Messenger for NO EXTRA CHARGE , as deemed appropriate for your specific advertising objectives.

We refer to our service INCLUDES Instagram and Facebook Messenger Ads as required for your advertising success.


Here’s what you get when Juice Digital manages Your Facebook Advertising:

  • A Scalable, Predictable Facebook Marketing System specifically tailored to your business.
  • Advertising placement on Instagram and Facebook Messenger as required to achieve your business objectives.
  • Your Personal Facebook Advertising Manager with over 10 years Digital Advertising experience – On call for you.
  • No Contracts or Minimum Terms – Cancel Any Time.
  • Clear definition of your Advertising Objectives and KPI targets eg. Cost Per Sale or Cost per Lead.
  • Detailed Profiling and creation of your ideal target customer archetype(s).
  • Website Landing Page Analysis & Review
  • Creation and Installation of Facebook Pixel tracking code as required.
  • Creation of Facebook Custom Conversions as required
  • Creation of Facebook Custom Audiences based on your Website traffic and content interaction.
  • Creation and Management of Unlimited Facebook Campaigns, as required to achieve your business goals Eg:
    • Website Content Branding Campaign
    • Customer Conversion Campaign
    • Sales Re-Targeting Campaign
  • Flexible Facebook Campaign Objectives based on your business needs.
  • No Facebook Campaign or Advertising Setup Fees – its all included.
  • Expert Targeting of your advertising to reach your ideal target customer.
  • Creation of your ads by an Experienced Facebook Advertising copywriter.
  • Creation of unlimited variations of Ad sets as required.
  • Creation of unlimited variations of Text & Image Ad creative as required.
  • Provision of unlimited stock images for your ad creative as required.
  • Unlimited variations of Website Landing Page text and image content as required (layout & functionality changes excluded).
  • Implementation of best-practice split testing procedures as required.
  • Implementation of Facebook’s dynamic ad creative feature as required.
  • Full Compliance with all Facebook Advertising policies.
  • Implementation of relevant new Facebook features when they become available.
  • Twice weekly review, analysis and optimisation of your ad creative.
  • Twice weekly measurement, review and optimisation of your Advertising targeting.
  • Access to Worlds-best Software for review and optimisation.
  • Monthly analysis of Facebook traffic via Google Analytics.
  • Monthly email reporting and 30 minute strategy call.
  • Optional Extras include:
    • Additional Campaign Setup – More than 3 campaigns.
    • Additional Campaign Management – More than 3 campaigns.
    • Graphic Design as required.
    • Video Production for Ads & Website Content.
    • Instagram Story Content Creation.
    • Facebook Messenger Bot Creation & Management.
    • Facebook Dynamic Product Catalogue setup.
    • Written & Graphic Website Content Creation.
    • Mobile Friendly Website Design.
    • Mobile Friendly Website Landing Page Creation.
    • Website Installation of Google Tag Manager / Google Analytics code.
    • Third Party Software Integration.
    • Business Photography Session.
    • Business Videography Session.



Get the EXACT FORMULA to create SCALABLE Facebook Marketing Systems to build your business on Autopilot, and get the PREDICTABILITY YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS in its Marketing Plans.

You will EXPOSE your brand, BUILD AUTHORITY in your Market, BUILD WARM LISTS of prospects, CONVERT PROSPECTS into customers and DOMINATE YOUR MARKET!

There’s no Commitment, Just Free, Personalised, Actionable Strategies to Build Your Business!