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As of January 2019, Facebook and Instagram collectively have over 3.23 BILLION Monthly active user accounts, and collectively over 24 MILLION accounts in Australia.  [statistics: socialmedianews.com.au, hootsuite.com & statista.com]

Facebook (Including the Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms) has become part of the fabric of our connected society and it is, from a marketing perspective, way too big to ignore.

Your Potential Customers are on Facebook, and your ability to target them directly, at such a comparatively low media cost is unparalleled, meaning it is undoubtedly the worlds premier digital advertising platform. Smart marketers have recognised this and are exploiting these benefits for huge growth.

It is quite simply an opportunity for underpriced attention that is too good to go past.


You don’t pay a cent until WE GET YOU RESULTS.

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We Provide Facebook Ad Management Services For Australian Small to Medium Businesses That Are SERIOUS ABOUT GROWTH Through Their Digital Strategy

If you need to be convinced of the benefits of Facebook ads for your business then you might as well stop reading now…Sorry, We Can’t Help You.

However, If you believe in the worth of social media advertising, and you need an ‘A’ grade strategy, then You are in the right place…Let’s talk about how we can take your business to the next level!

All Our Facebook Ad Management Services Include:

  •    No Contracts or Minimum Terms
  •    Results Guaranteed - Read Our Guarantee Here
  •    No Campaign or Advertising Setup Fees
  •    Secure Password Management by LastPass
  •    Personal Advertising Manager with 15+ years Digital Marketing Experience
  •    Clear definition of your Advertising Objectives
  •    Clear definition of your ongoing KPI targets (After 90 days of advertising)
  •    Definition of your Lifetime Customer Value
  •    Profiling and creation of your ideal target customer archetype(s)
    Detailed Profiling of your Archetype(s)
  •    Competitor Analysis as required
  •    Comprehensive Interest Targetting Analysis
  •    Creation of your ads by an Experienced Facebook copywriter
  •    Creation and Management of Unlimited Campaigns, as required to achieve your business goals
  •    Creation of unlimited Ad sets and variations
  •    Creation of Unlimited Ad Copy Variations
  •    Implementation of best-practice split testing procedures
  •    Implementation of new Facebook advertising features as appropriate
  •    Flexible Facebook Campaign Objectives as per your business objectives
  •    Full Compliance with all Facebook Advertising policies
  •    Creation and Installation of Facebook Pixel Website tracking code
  •    Creation of Facebook Custom Conversions
  •    Creation of Facebook Custom Audiences
  •    Advertising placement on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as required
  •    Expert Targeting of your advertising to reach your ideal target customer
  •    Unlimited stock images (from sources such as Adobe Stock, Unsplash & Pexels) for your ad creative as required
  •    Weekly review, analysis and optimisation of your ad creative
  •    Weekly review, analysis and optimisation of your Campaign targeting
  •    Monthly Review and Optimisation of your Campaigns and Objectives
  •    Monthly analysis of Facebook generated Website traffic via Google Analytics
  •    Monthly Reporting & Strategy Call

Plus, we can customise your ads with the following:

  •    Facebook & Instagram Content Creation
    Detailed Profiling of your Archetype(s)
  •    Facebook Messenger Bot Creation & Management
  •    Facebook Dynamic Product Catalogue Setup
  •    Installation of Google Tag Manager & Analytics Website Code
  •    Website Landing Page Analysis & Developer Action List
  •    Creation and Monthly Revision of Mobile Friendly Landing Pages
  •    Creation and Monthly Revision of Facebook Instant Experiences
  •    EDM (Email) Platform & Sequence Setup & Integration
  •    Graphic Design as Required for Content or Ad Creative
  •    Videography & Video Production as Required for Content or Ad Creative
  •    Business Photography Session
  •    Written Content Creation

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