Digital Marketing Consultancy and Coaching

If the thought of doing digital marketing for your business is a confronting prospect, then you are not alone.

With literally hundreds of factors to consider and multiple ways to get to the same result, it can be overwhelming.

You know you need a killer digital strategy to make your business explode, but when it comes to the crunch, making it all happen can be very challenging. To put it frankly, for an inexperienced person it can be very hard to get right, if not impossible.

So why should you feel embarrassed about the fact that your digital marketing strategy is not what it could be?…

You shouldn’t!

After all… You are not a Marketing Professional.

You shouldn’t be expected to have a comprehensive working knowledge on digital marketing subjects, when its already hard enough keeping up with your own industry!

So that’s why we help entrepreneurs like you by showing you what is required for success in the digital age and how to most efficiently prioritise to get maximum results.

We give entrepreneurs the opportunity to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed for them, and to then draw on over 19 years of digital design and marketing experience as we support you through its execution.

We guide you through regular one-on-one coaching sessions, and then back you up by delivering on those parts of your strategy that you don’t want to do yourself.

It’s like having your own marketing department for a fraction of the cost!

Our Digital Marketing Consultancy and Coaching Services include:

  •    Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy Design and Evolution
  •    Marketing Support via Phone or Email (Business Hours)
  •    Results Measurement - Traffic & Conversion
  •    Monthly Coaching Sessions - Face to Face or Video Calls
  • Plus 1 to 1 Coaching on the Following:
  •    Positioning the Business
  •    Target Market Identification
  •    Strategy Execution
  •    Offer, Messaging, Copywriting & Guarantees
  •    Content Development
  •    Website Development
  •    Advertising Campaigns
  •    Social Media
  •    Influencer Marketing
  •    Funnel Design & Development
  •    Sales & Enrollment
  •    Marketing Automation
  •    Marketing Problem Solving
  •    Insights & Opportunities
  •    New Horizons & Emerging Platforms
  •    Prioritisation & Resource Management

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