Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Website visitors

[HOW-TO GUIDE] : Create Custom Facebook Audiences from Your Website Visitors

Your objective here is to Build a List of Facebook Users that have Visited Specific Pages on Your Website into a Custom Audience.

This enables you to then Re-target them with your future Facebook Advertising messages.


  1. In Facebook Business manager, Click on the Top Menu, Click on ‘ALL TOOLS’, Then under ‘ASSETS’, click on ‘AUDIENCES’.Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Website visitors
  2. Click the Blue Button ‘CREATE AUDIENCE’ 
  3. Click ‘CUSTOM AUDIENCE’Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Website visitors 
  4. Click ‘WEBSITE TRAFFIC’Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Website visitors 
  5. In the next window, Select your Pixel
  6. Select ‘People Who Visited Specific Web Pages’ 
  7. Select 180 days to make your audience as large as possible
  8. Select URL ‘Contains’ and Enter the Content URL that you wish to create your audience from.
  9. Name Your Audience
  10. Enter a Description
  11. Click ‘CREATE AUDIENCE’ and you are DONE!Creating Facebook Custom Audiences from Website visitors


You can add additional Content URLs as above if you wish to add to your audience.  Simply click on ‘INCLUDE MORE’ and add another URL.  Ensure you have selected ‘ANY’ in the top line and this will include people who have viewed ‘Content-1’ OR ‘Content-2’.


Alternatively, you can select ‘ALL’ and this will make the audience only people who have viewed ‘Content-1’ AND ‘Content-2’.   This makes for a much warmer audience as they have viewed multiple pieces of content, but this audience will likely take longer to build up.


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